Cosmetic Glitters - VaudeVillain


All glitter is not created equal. Introducing VaudeVillain- the new makeup line from Sentio, crafted to bring your creative master plans to life! Whether you are a model, stage performer, dancer, body painter, or someone who just really wants bold results from their cosmetics, these glitters are about to become your new best friend. Strong color, supreme sparkle, and most importantly, premium quality and safety. Craft glitter should never be used on the face or near the eyes. VaudeVillian is free of aluminum and other metals and is pure cosmetic grade, making it safe for facial application, even for users who wear contacts! Simply apply as usual with your favorite glue or with VaudeVillain's 'Pure Fixation' liquid fixative. 

Bad Royalty- A deep, bold royal blue

Broadway Lights- Bright, holographic gold

Chocolate Glitter- A rich, warm shade of dark chocolate brown with plenty of sparkle

Harlot- Blazing hot pink/fuschia 

Holographic Doll- A bright sparkling silver with a rainbow of holographic color patterns

Jealous Bitch- A deep, envious green

Mistress Julep- A pastel, minty green 

Poison Wine- Deep, dark purple just a bit on the maroon end of the spectrum

Sequined Aurora- Extra large flakes of transparent holographic glitter well suited to individual application for dramatic effect (as an accent, mermaid scales, etc.)

Siren- The perfect aqua

Starlet- Classic, bold red

Stiletto- Solid black glitter