Mineral Pigments - VaudeVillain


Whether you are a model, stage performer, dancer, body painter, or someone who just really wants bold results from their cosmetics, these glitters and mineral pigments are about to become your new best friend. Strong color, supreme sparkle, and most importantly, premium quality and safety. VaudeVillain's powders can be applied dry like any other high quality mineral makeup, or mixed with our 'Pure Fixation' liquid fixative to make a paintable pigment with extreme color payoff. VaudeVillain is made with the stage in mind, but can easily be applied to suit everyday life. 2 hour show or 12 hour shift... creative colors that stay.

Corset Lace- Bright aqua shimmer

Curtain Call- Deep burgundy red. Matte.

Diva Complex- A true, shimmering gold

Doll Paint- Opaque matte white

Evil Queen- A dusky, highly pigmented dark purple

Forbidden Fruit- A lush, sinfully sweet peach shimmer

Graveyard Dirt- Rich, dark brown, the color of rain-damp soil, with complex shimmer

Harlot- Brazen hot fuchsia shimmer

Inked and Burned- Pitch black matte

Wicked Sage-