Fragile Masculinity Soap

Fragile Masculinity Soap


This bar of soap-  no, this BRICK of men's soap has been made especially for your large, manly hands after a full day of dirty auto repair and 500 lb crocodile wrestling. It smells like bourbon and ammo and is totally not the same exact soap as our Whiskey and Gunpowder bar with a different name*. Because anyone could enjoy that soap and this soap is for MEN. In fact, it's so manly we dare not call it soap. It's professional grade masculine activity byproduct removal and you can be sure it's going to say "man" on the box, lest the neighbors see it in your trash and have any damning questions about the guy who bathes. We got you. So if you're a man's man on the hunt for a men's soap for men or are a lady with access to your own money (imagine!) and want to purchase a gift for the man in your life that will not offend his male sensibilities, this is it. 

100% Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free because you hunt animals in video games, not wash with them. 

Contains Coconut oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, olive oil, sunflower oil, and jojoba oil for your outdoor-battered skin and impressive beard. 

*It's Whiskey and Gunpowder. And we're gifting 10% of sales of this soap to fund STEAM activities for girl youth. Shady.