Create Your Own Perfume

Create Your Own Perfume


Welcome to the Potion Mixing Lab! Our fragrance blending magic is at your complete disposal. After all, who could possibly bottle your essence better than you?

The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? A mix of both? Two parts Cat Lady with a dash of Old Books? You can make that. Coconut Unicorn Fruit Loops? Hey, we're not gonna tell you how to mix your own magic. This is your creation. We're just responsible for putting the genie in the bottle.

It works like this: We start with a blend of skin-loving and deep moisturizing organic oils. This is our unscented perfume base. Then you bring it to life by choosing which fragrances you'd like to combine into your own custom aroma. You can pick as many as you like, but for the best result we strongly suggest you limit it to around 4 at most. 

Every custom perfume creation comes in a gold-lidded glass bottle with a built in roller ball for easy application. Your finished perfume will arrive to you on a bed of lush moss inside a gift box with a wax seal.

Directions for Purchase: After you've added this product to your cart and completed checkout you will be contacted via e-mail and asked which fragrances you would like added to your blend. If you like, you can also give your perfume a name. You can view a complete list of fragrance options with descriptions here.