Ethics & Transparency

Our soap shop is a small-scale, woman owned business with a passion for handmade goodness. Education and ethics play a large role in the foundation of all that we do, and we love it when customers wish to be informed. Below you will find answers to some important questions.

Are your products natural/organic?

Our soap is made with 98% USDA Certified Organic Ingredients. Other product varieties vary, but are always either natural or partially to completely organic.

What about GMO’s?

We promise not to use genetically modified ingredients in our body care products.

Are your products scented only with essential oils?

No, not all of them. Many desired fragrances cannot be derived from nature, are prohibitively expensive in their natural form, or are detrimental to the environment to harvest (endangered or threatened, for example). Using synthetic fragrances allows us to make an overall high quality product that is almost completely organic and pure while still providing customers with the fragrances that they desire at a price that they are willing and able to pay.

All fragrances used in our products are paraben and phthalate free.

If you'd like us to make more 100% organic products scented only with essential oils, please let us know.

Are your products Cruelty Free?

Yes, our entire collection of products is Certified Cruelty Free. We do not conduct, commission, or pay for animal testing of our products or any of their ingredients. We also require that suppliers of our raw materials uphold the same standard. Our certification status can be verified by searching for Sentio in the Beauty Without Bunnies database of certified cruelty free companies (link below).

Are your products vegetarian/vegan?

All of our products are vegetarian. All of our soaps are vegan except for those which contain milk or honey, which will always be clearly and prominently marked. Also vegan are all of our bath bombs, perfume oils, massage oils, and candles.

How do you source your ingredients?

We only use raw materials from companies that we have found to be ecologically and socially responsible. This means that ingredients and their components must be harvested without detriment to natural ecosystems or exploitation of workers. Should we find that any one of our suppliers does not meet these requirements, we will find a different supplier.