About Us

Sentio is an artisan crafter of cabaret inspired luxury cosmetics. In a historic 1800's building located in the Broadway District of Rock Island, IL, just blocks away from three theatres, a speakeasy, and a burlesque troupe, it's no wonder that we have a flair for the dramatic. Using premium ingredients like clinical grade luxury oils and butters, mineral based pigments, crushed pearl powder, and real 24K gold, we hand craft small batches of unique products in theatric colors and inspired, beautifully strange fragrances.

Sentio is a Latin verb for to experience, or to feel. True to our name, we capture the essences of certain scenes through uncommon fragrance profiles and fun descriptions. Customers love browsing our selection of bath bombs and musing over what a 1920's starlet would smell like, or the fact that "The Cat Lady" smells like cookies and tea.

Speaking of tea... we'd love for you to curl up with a warm cup and stay awhile.

Our soap is handcrafted from scratch in small batches in a cast iron cauldron over a vintage stove. It's a slow process, and like a good cheese or wine, a fresh batch of soap takes a long time to cure to perfection. Each is scented with our own signature house blends of fragrance, and colored with mineral pigments and genuine crushed gemstones.

From the beginning, we've worked from the core value that there is no luxury worth enjoying without a clean conscience. That is, that bubble baths are way more awesome when you know that animals, forests, and small communities weren't hurt to make your luscious bath treats. Sentio has been Certified Cruelty Free from the start, and upholds a personal promise to use wholesome, ethically sourced ingredients all the way up the supply chain in the making of our creations.