Pin Up Girl Hair: Retro Pin Curls


Start with clean, well conditioned hair. Shampoos, conditioning cleansers, and conditioners made for ethnic curls are great for this purpose because they provide very deep moisture and help prevent frizz. Unless your hair already tends to be super oily, don't be afraid of using products that are a little more dense than you're used to: pin up styles emphasize a lot of shine and control.

When your hair is almost completely dry- think dry in appearance, but a touch damp when you run your hand through it- you'll want to start working.

Active Time*: 35-45 minutes setting, 25-35 minutes...

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Wine Walk in the Broadway Historic District

Behind the Scenes Community

Today we got to go visit with some neighbors about an upcoming event in our neighborhood. Before moving here, if someone would have said the words "neighborhood meeting" I probably would have thought "Um... wow. That sounds... Home Owners Association-y." I love engaging with people, but I'm bad at upper class snobbery. Thankfully, we've encountered nothing of the sort. We had a lot of fun today, as we have on a few other occasions now, and have discovered that many of our fellow residents are exactly the kind of people we'd like to hang out with... Open minded and considerate, kind, from a variety...

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5 Reasons You Need Not Fear Your Fellow Artist (And Competition is Bullshit)

Recently a maker that I'm familiar with through a business network that we are both a part of had something interesting and terribly disappointing, but not totally uncommon happen to her. Long story short (though I do recommend her full story), she tried to purchase a serum from a small handmade cosmetics business and was told no for fear of competition. This reminded me of a topic that I've reflected on a lot as my own business has grown, and yes, even had some of our ideas "borrowed" from us from time to time. Intellectual property is a passionate subject and for...

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LOVE WINS! A Celebration

Things That Matter

If you haven't heard about today's Supreme Court ruling, you're in very limited company. The waves of support and cries of jubilation sweeping the nation are overwhelming in their raw emotion. Normally, this page is not a place for politics. But this is more than politics. So much more. And we just simply cannot refrain from joining in the celebration and exclaiming that today was such a very good day.

It's difficult to weave our happiness into actual sentences. I've read so many eloquently stated expressions of the heart today that my own heart is swimming in the beauty and power...

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What's Up, Buttercup? New Items In Stock

Behind the Scenes Free Stuff Products

Come check out two really cool new things now available in person and in the online store...

We were super excited to debut our new Potion Mixing Lab last week! It works like this: We start with a blend of skin-loving and deep moisturizing organic oils. This is our unscented perfume base. Then you bring it to life by choosing which fragrances you'd like to combine into your own custom aroma. Naturally, all the beautifully strange standbys are available: Good Witch, Bad Witch, Cat Lady, Fresh Cut Grass, Old Book Smell, Unicorn... you get the idea. And there are some more "normal"...

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