The Beauty In Being "Not for Everyone"

Keep It Weird Things That Matter

I started my first fragrance business in 2010. It did great things for me, and afforded me a freedom I so desperately needed at a time when I was starting life in general from scratch. Then it propelled me forward into even better things. But it wasn't anything special. Hold on, now, if you've loved and supported me from the beginning, don't pick up your pitchfork yet. It sounds harsh, but let me explain.

My intention was to make products that made people feel good, using high quality, natural ingredients. It's not a bad goal at all, but if I may be frank: twelve...

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What's on your SD card?

Behind the Scenes Keep It Weird

At any given point in time, there is something weird on my camera. I'd like to think that it isn't just me, and that this is true of most entrepreneurs and creative types, but if you ask to borrow my camera, I'll pretty much always feel a strong need to run through my SD card nonetheless.

Because stuff like this happens...

What, you don't dress up and pretend to be in old horror movies in your spare time, too? (Actually, this was a really fun series of photos used to create some themed product directions for our new...

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