A Valentine's Day Surprise

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This has been an exciting week for us! After years of careful formulation and testing, our newest luxury line of products, Sentio Boudoir, is stepping into the public spotlight. It started with our truly amazing pearl powder complexion soap, and is now joined by the best facial serum we've experienced and a massage candle that is sure to sweep you off your feet.

I'll be speaking enthusiastically about these products later, but this post, dear reader, is about you. You are the reason we get to do enticing new things, and we genuinely love every one of our beautiful, inspiring,...

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What's Up, Buttercup? New Items In Stock

Behind the Scenes Free Stuff Products

Come check out two really cool new things now available in person and in the online store...

We were super excited to debut our new Potion Mixing Lab last week! It works like this: We start with a blend of skin-loving and deep moisturizing organic oils. This is our unscented perfume base. Then you bring it to life by choosing which fragrances you'd like to combine into your own custom aroma. Naturally, all the beautifully strange standbys are available: Good Witch, Bad Witch, Cat Lady, Fresh Cut Grass, Old Book Smell, Unicorn... you get the idea. And there are some more "normal"...

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SOAPRAH: Free Stuff and The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Behind the Scenes Free Stuff

Odds are, you didn't even know Sentio had a blog before today. That's definitely my fault. It's so easy for those of us who are passionate about making things to spend all of our time creating and then forget to actually talk about the things we make. If you did have any awareness of our blog before now, it might be surprising to hear that I've committed to making a new post every. single. day. from June 14th to July 13th.

"Whhyyyyyy?" you groan- I mean, ask. Well, here are a few fun reasons.

Resurrection From the Dead: Did I mention this blog was...

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