Wine Walk in the Broadway Historic District

Behind the Scenes Community

Today we got to go visit with some neighbors about an upcoming event in our neighborhood. Before moving here, if someone would have said the words "neighborhood meeting" I probably would have thought "Um... wow. That sounds... Home Owners Association-y." I love engaging with people, but I'm bad at upper class snobbery. Thankfully, we've encountered nothing of the sort. We had a lot of fun today, as we have on a few other occasions now, and have discovered that many of our fellow residents are exactly the kind of people we'd like to hang out with... Open minded and considerate, kind, from a variety...

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Skeleton Key Farmer's Market


I haven't spoken as much as I would like about our new neighborhood since the move: something I'll definitely be rectifying in future posts. But suffice it to say that the historic part of town we're calling home now is worth getting to know. If you're a local, you've almost certainly heard of our nearby neighbor, Skeleton Key Art and Antiques. There is a big buzz around their name and for solid reason. As their name implies, the store is a unique and oh-so-perfect marriage between an antique store (the very good kind... you know,...

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