A Valentine's Day Surprise

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This has been an exciting week for us! After years of careful formulation and testing, our newest luxury line of products, Sentio Boudoir, is stepping into the public spotlight. It started with our truly amazing pearl powder complexion soap, and is now joined by the best facial serum we've experienced and a massage candle that is sure to sweep you off your feet.

I'll be speaking enthusiastically about these products later, but this post, dear reader, is about you. You are the reason we get to do enticing new things, and we genuinely love every one of our beautiful, inspiring,...

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Pin Up Girl Hair: Retro Pin Curls


Start with clean, well conditioned hair. Shampoos, conditioning cleansers, and conditioners made for ethnic curls are great for this purpose because they provide very deep moisture and help prevent frizz. Unless your hair already tends to be super oily, don't be afraid of using products that are a little more dense than you're used to: pin up styles emphasize a lot of shine and control.

When your hair is almost completely dry- think dry in appearance, but a touch damp when you run your hand through it- you'll want to start working.

Active Time*: 35-45 minutes setting, 25-35 minutes...

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The Oil Cleansing Method

Beauty Recipes & DIY

Here it is. A soap maker telling you to ditch the soap. At least, for this one purpose. Have you ever used a facial cleanser or skin care product designed to help get your skin under control, only to have your skin rebel as badly or worse immediately after stopping its use? This is actually extremely common and is part of the reason why you'll hear some people say "I have to use 'Product X' or my face is a disaster". Unsurprisingly, this works out great for the large companies selling harsh treatments for dry, oily, or acne-prone...

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Testing... The Grand Lush Lip Experiment

Beauty Behind the Scenes

Today I am conducting an experiment... on my face. With Halloween just around the corner and old monster movies on the mind, the implications of that sentence might sound mildly concerning, but rest assured, this one is much more "Audrey Hepburn" than "Frankenstein". 

Currently in development for our Pocket Pinups line of natural lip balms, is a rich natural lip primer. It's a colorless balm rich in moisturizing ingredients and vitamins to keep lips soft and well nourished under your favorite lipstick and potentially prolong wear. Not being one to make tall promises I can't keep, it's time to take this silky...

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