Goth Photo Shoot on Ice

Last weekend I ventured out onto a frozen lake with twenty to thirty other passionate local models and photographers. Each has their own unique style and reason for wanting to take photos, but we all have one thing in common; We love to make art. This time you could say we were Masters of the Dark Arts (You know that's punny) as we donned our blackest, creepiest apparel for the weekend's chosen theme: Goth. And the models did not disappoint.

I myself wore an asymmetrical black hoodie that was very cloak-like, a bulky silver Baphomet ring I obtained at Abernathy's and, naturally, plenty of silver glitter. I felt like Satanic Kesha.

After a few rounds of photos in the cloak, I got brave and unveiled the rest of my outfit: A lacy black slip, a harness, and a little black business skirt that had suddenly become very un-business-like. It's January in the Midwest. But will you look. at. these. pictures.

The images I'm sharing are all by Dan Denato of Statik Studio. Some seriously gorgeous photos were taken by some other photographers as well, but I am sharing Dan's specifically because he was aware that I was modeling my own makeup line at the shoot and gave me permission to do so.

The nail polish here is Sentio's as well. It's not yet in the online store for purchase, as this is a brand new product from the VaudeVillain Fairytale collection, but I think customers are going to be extremely happy with the deep black color, rich texture, and shiny finish.

Here you can see a bit of a closer look at the face pigments. I'm wearing Holographic Heart glitter under my eyes (eye-safe cosmetic glitter for the win!), Inked and Burned pigment applied wet for liner, and Witches Hex on my lips. All courtesy of VaudeVillain, of course.

Holy confidence, Batman! I think every woman should get to feel this cool.

My last shoot of the day was at the lake. On the lake, to be more specific. The ice was a good four to six inches thick, so we made our way out to the center. I must have told my husband about that part at least a half dozen times, because I was utterly enthralled that I got to go out on the frozen water.

See that serious face? Inside I'm actually screaming "Oh my God! I'm in lingerie on ice! This is literally the coolest job in the world."

This is the shot that finished me off. With my entire back flat to the ice, my core body temperature would get pretty chilly. Nothing bad happened because we knew when to quit, but when I got home a heated blanket was the first thing on my mind.

At the end of the day, I think wearing and modeling cosmetics- especially the dramatic kind- is just as invigorating as formulating and blending them. Like a beautiful mask, makeup allows us don a creative new persona. I love the beauty of a naked face. Nobody needs makeup. But if you choose to wear it, I hope you have fun and go on an adventure. Cheers!

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