Restock Update, Current Happenings, and Blog Challenge Winners

Whew! It's been a wild week! We've been rolling out batch after batch of new soap, and boy, does it feel amazing to be back in action. Most of the new varieties are currently available in the store now, and the rest are coming in the next 1 to 2 weeks, along with the bath bomb restock we keep talking about (I swear, more really are coming).

Right now we're coming up for air between the make-waves. Over the weekend we traveled to Iowa Lammasfest for 3 days of camping and soul refreshing, soap selling, and even a workshop. I led a hands-on ritual soapmaking tutorial for some of those in attendance and it was a wonderful experience. If you're wondering what ritual bathing is, think meditation in your bathtub. We'll expand on this further in another blog post for those who were interested in learning more, but weren't able to participate in our in-person workshop. Basically, it involved handmade soap, herbs, and lots of feel-good positive juju.

The creative brakes are staying on for a short while longer while we gear up for the Broadway Historic District's Wine Walk this Saturday. Today I'm cleaning all the soapy goodness out of the kitchen and putting away the bath bomb maker to prepare for over 100 wine, food, and history enthusiasts to stroll through our 1875 house. This will be the first time that many people have seen our Soap Parlor, too. It's not operating at 100% yet, but it's closer to finished than ever before, and it's exciting to see what guests will think of our work in progress.

So, while there's still more to come regarding new inventory, I feel like we're at a point where there are enough new things in the online store to be well worth browsing. Which means I also feel good about finally announcing who won our blogging contest and letting these ladies shop!

As mentioned last time, we added a bonus winner, so there are two gift certificates going out.

Our $20.00 gift certificate winner, randomly chosen from blog comments spanning the 30 days of the contest, is Audrey Holsclaw!

And for our bonus round, we've chosen Keri Manning! We noticed that Keri posted tons of supportive comments on our blog and felt that even though the contest winner had to be chosen randomly in order to be fair, we still wanted to acknowledge all that awesome support. So we're sending a $10.00 gift certificate to you, too!

Thank you to everyone who reads, shares, comments, and participates in our little corner of the web. You are what makes any of this worth sharing.


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  • Audrey

    Woo Hoo!

  • Keri

    Woo-hoo!! Thank you!

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