The 30 Day Blog Challenge- Results! Part 1

Remember how a while back I announced a contest that involved setting a goal of blogging every day for a month and then celebrating at the end of all that writing with a gift code giveaway? (You can read the original post here.) Well, this is the end of that long and wordy road.

I actually ended up blogging for 21 days straight before humanity happened and I screwed it up. It kind of sucked, to be honest, to have made it so far and then to lose the streak with just a little over a week left. So close! But for the most part, what I sought to accomplish still happened. The blog came back from the dead. More awesome conversations with our community were had. And it was a lot of fun to let everyone in behind the scenes and share our maker experience in a new way.

It was also way cool to see the comments on what we had to say. Sentio has such a supportive fan base and group of friends, and I am consistently reminded in this small business that though we be but little, we are fierce!

Of course, there was another reason that the comments were the place to be. Contest, remember? When we set out to do this, I shared that we would randomly choose one blog commenter to receive a $20.00 gift certificate to the website. However, now that it's all over, I've decided that I want to choose a second person. We'll actually be announcing two winners sometime in the next week.

Why not make the announcement today? I've got four reasons, plus another sixteen of their friends...


Right now we're in the middle of a huge make fest, closely followed by restock-ageddon. Four new soaps just hit the online store and eight more are on the way, along with at least eight varieties of bath bombs. I think it would be in poor taste to give away a gift certificate to a somewhat empty store and then watch it get cashed in right before we fill the store full of great new stuff. So we'll keep on making and listing, and then a couple of people are getting a small shopping spree after there's a lot more to choose from!

We hope you'll check back in to see who won. I'm dying to tell you!


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  • Keri

    21 days sounds pretty awesome to me! Congratulations!

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