Behind the Scenes: The Art on Our Labels

Behind the Scenes

One of the things I love most about some of our products is the packaging. Which is really saying something, because we put a ton of focus into the more important things, like the ingredients we use and actual product quality. The packaging is really just kind of the pretty bow that finishes that the whole deal, but a lot of the time for us it means something much more. For example, each of our soap boxes, little shopping bags, and business cards don't come to us from the printers, but are hand stamped by the same people who made the goodies they represent. Little stuff like that gives us the warm fuzzies and makes us feel connected. It's nice!


But if you really want to get intense about pouring yourself into your packaging, start thinking about labels. In the cosmetic industry, labels are one of the most fun and interesting things you'll get to create while simultaneously being the bane of your very existence. You will work and re-work them until your desktop looks like this:

We've gone through a lot of different label designs over the years, in a lot of different styles. My current favorites are definitely the ones featuring pin up girls. Empowering women is one of our core philosophies as a business, so creating depictions of strong women with their own unique styles ranks pretty high up there with what I consider "cool". They actually aren't created digitally. I draw each one on paper in pencil, and then color them with my favorite copic markers and line them in fine black markers similar to what you might use for comic book illustration. They get incorporated into graphic design on an actual computer later, but I like that they start as standalone pieces of art.  

Obviously, you can't just slap some really great packaging around a so-so product and expect it to be something great. Well... I guess you could, but that'd be kind of a shoddy business practice. But when a product with a lot of quality and substance comes together with an outer shell that is totally imbued with love, artistry, and personality, it takes a big step up. You might even say that the art becomes half the fun!

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  • Keri

    I love your artwork! Knowing that you are the craftswoman behind the soap and your own graphic designer makes the product more special!

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