Evolution of a Soap Business

Behind the Scenes

Sentio wasn't always Sentio. Our business has known other forms and even operated a couple of different store fronts as we've grown, shifted, and most importantly, taken shape. It's been a little like excavation- small pieces coming to the surface to stay, as other bits get chipped and dusted away. It's not unlike how an actual human grows, taking on certain qualities and shedding others, streamlining their essence, growing closer to what they'll become. And much like with people, I think it's something that's never really finished.

Sometimes going through old photos is a little like going through yearbooks. You think things like "Oh, look how pretty we were here!", and "Yep. We definitely went through a mystic hippie phase for a while there, didn't we?" Certain images of products take me right back to the time in my life that I was making them, almost like the transporting power of the smells themselves. It's fun to see how things have changed and to acknowledge where we came from. I really love what Sentio has become today, but it never hurts to learn from and honor your past.

Here are a few photos dug up from Sentio history.

 Our very first official body care collection. We don't make this line anymore, but looking at them is almost enough to make me want to again!

  First store location, in Davenport, IA! A lot of love went into this venture, but this is when we first started learning that the conventional retail setup was not for us. Since there were certain rules about the kind of work we could and couldn't sell and the kind of hours we were obligated to hold, we also learned our first lesson in the importance of creative autonomy. It was a beautiful space, but we like our location, our rules much better.

 I think I'll call this our "Lush Phase". I liked the setup. Having no packaging around the soap felt very fresh and inviting and there was almost no waste. The chalkboard labels also meant that we could change names and prices without wasting the paper to reprint new signs all the time. But damn if people didn't constantly see us and go "Oh! Like Lush!" So back to the drawing board. You've gotta build your own standalone reputation.

 This may be when our attitude started to show through. Yes, I think so. We do like to be naked.

 And here's our full essence now. Well... a small piece of it anyway. I really love our current logo. Our Soap Harlot and her trusty parlor cat are just our style.


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  • Keri

    It seems like your artistry has emerged more as time goes on. Beautiful!

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