Wine Walk in the Broadway Historic District

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Today we got to go visit with some neighbors about an upcoming event in our neighborhood. Before moving here, if someone would have said the words "neighborhood meeting" I probably would have thought "Um... wow. That sounds... Home Owners Association-y." I love engaging with people, but I'm bad at upper class snobbery. Thankfully, we've encountered nothing of the sort. We had a lot of fun today, as we have on a few other occasions now, and have discovered that many of our fellow residents are exactly the kind of people we'd like to hang out with... Open minded and considerate, kind, from a variety of backgrounds, talented, creative, and genuinely interested in history and community involvement. In short- cool folks.

Anyway, the purpose of this particular meeting was to plan and talk about the upcoming Wine Walk on August 8th. We're new here, so I can't speak from experience, but it honestly sounds really wonderful. After purchasing tickets which benefit some of the interesting and restorative things the neighborhood committee does, people are invited to mingle and tour the main floors of four historic homes, enjoying good food and wine along the way. The atmosphere has been described to me as classy, but also very friendly and comfortable. Since we decided to play host and open up our home as one of the stops, that's exactly what I'd hoped to hear.

 (We have furniture, I swear. But most of our house pictures are still of the not-moved-in-yet variety)

The weeks to come will probably be a flurry of fun and planning. I've got some great ideas for the food we're going to serve, and it's exciting to think that the Soap Parlor might be up and running in some capacity by then, too. Not in its full glory, of course, but it will still be fun to share the progress and let our new friends and neighbors peek into this particular part of our heart as it grows.

I myself will also be 28 weeks pregnant at that point. Plan a big party and prep food for over a hundred people? Keep up with business as usual in addition to setting up a brand new work space? Of course these are logical things for me to be doing with my summer. Stay tuned as this unfolds... for the comedic value if nothing else.

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  • Keri

    I predict that your neighbors will be jealous of your soap parlor!

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