LOVE WINS! A Celebration

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If you haven't heard about today's Supreme Court ruling, you're in very limited company. The waves of support and cries of jubilation sweeping the nation are overwhelming in their raw emotion. Normally, this page is not a place for politics. But this is more than politics. So much more. And we just simply cannot refrain from joining in the celebration and exclaiming that today was such a very good day.

It's difficult to weave our happiness into actual sentences. I've read so many eloquently stated expressions of the heart today that my own heart is swimming in the beauty and power of it all and I can't seem to find my own words. They are lost in the depth of a decades long struggle that never should have had to have been fought and the collective relief and boundless joy of an unjust weight lifted. This freedom was never anyone's to "give" and it's always been about so much more than marriage.

There are so many comments expressing "I wish that my younger self could see this, so that they'd know that it really would get better," alongside sentiments that if only this moment in history could be seen by all of the activists who fought for it long ago. All of the people who first saw clearly, and then wanted to see something better. Indeed, we are so, so lucky. We got to see!

And perhaps that's the beginning, end, and spirit of this whole story.

We got here because enough people saw.

Happy Pride, everyone. So many hearts are singing. We hope you're enjoying the song.

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  • Keri

    So many happy families in America’s future!

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