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Come check out two really cool new things now available in person and in the online store...

We were super excited to debut our new Potion Mixing Lab last week! It works like this: We start with a blend of skin-loving and deep moisturizing organic oils. This is our unscented perfume base. Then you bring it to life by choosing which fragrances you'd like to combine into your own custom aroma. Naturally, all the beautifully strange standbys are available: Good Witch, Bad Witch, Cat Lady, Fresh Cut Grass, Old Book Smell, Unicorn... you get the idea. And there are some more "normal" varieties for the choosing as well. All ready to be blended into a custom fragrance that is 100% undeniably you. See how you can make your own perfume here.

Also newly available is our Immortalizing Balm lip primer. This is something that was in the works for awhile, so when we finally saw the finished product through, we couldn't be more ecstatic. Great things take time and this one was so worth the wait! Immortalizing Balm is like a conditioner for your lips. We took our extremely well loved lip balm recipe and added some great stuff like CoQ10, Black Pepper Extract, Olive Oil, and Rosemary Oil to provide a higher level of skincare. It works particularly well as a primer because, as you might expect, lipstick simply feels more comfortable and lasts longer on a healthy, well-prepped canvas. Learn more and see photos from the silly series of retro horror film images we shot for its offbeat direction sheet.

Finally, this isn't a new item, but I thought I'd point out: Today is day 12 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge! We're almost halfway there! If you've stuck with me this far, thank you so much. I'm trying to keep promotional posts like this to a bare minimum (one per week or less) because we really want the Sentio blog to be a place of substance, not just salesmanship. So if you have anything you'd like us to cover or tell you about, please speak up and let us know how we're doing. If you're just joining the party now, you can read about our current challenge as well as the $20 giveaway we'll be celebrating with when we reach the end by checking out the original blog post.

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  • Keri

    I’m going to have to try the perfume! Do you have the components of the old standbys listed somewhere?

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