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Odds are, you didn't even know Sentio had a blog before today. That's definitely my fault. It's so easy for those of us who are passionate about making things to spend all of our time creating and then forget to actually talk about the things we make. If you did have any awareness of our blog before now, it might be surprising to hear that I've committed to making a new post every. single. day. from June 14th to July 13th.

"Whhyyyyyy?" you groan- I mean, ask. Well, here are a few fun reasons.

Resurrection From the Dead: Did I mention this blog was pretty much dead? Bringing things back from the dead is cool. Didn't you watch Frankenstein? Wait... that ended badly, didn't it. Ahem...

Love Connection: Our customers, friends, and fans are pretty much the coolest people ever and the more ways I can communicate with you guys and offer you what you enjoy, the better. So please don't hesitate to make this your space and speak up about the things being published and what you'd like to see.

Sheer Masochism: So points 1 and 2 could probably be slowly accomplished by posting once or twice a week, but as they say, go big or go home. It's not a challenge if your keyboard doesn't make you cry.

Ah, Samwise, you stuck with me and read this far. Thank you, loyal friend. Which brings me to my next topic.

Do you know how badly I'd like to be Soaprah? "You get a bar of soap! And YOU get a bar! And YOU!" Unfortunately, the financial department tells me that's a really good way to tank your whole business and someone reminded me recently that Oprah has a lot more money than I do.

But I do really love expressing gratitude for those who show us so much love. Stick with me through this; It'll be fun. We'll bond. And because you mean the world to me and I squeal like a little girl every time one of you responds to my work, know that I'll definitely notice who's frequently stopping by to comment and sharing us with their friends.

In fact, I know I've got a $20.00 gift certificate hanging around here that's being all Taylor Swift with its blank name space. Would giving that away to a random frequent commenter/sharer not be an awesome way to end the 30 day challenge?

So let's do this together. Game on.

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  • Jen WR

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read the posts.

  • Amber

    I’m not sure “New Car” is a scent we would like from your soaps but I love the rest of your diabolical plan! Muahahahaha!

  • Keri

    What a great idea! Maybe we could start by stating what our favorite or most anticipated Sentio product is.
    I love boudoir bath bombs best. The combination of scents is just amazing!

  • Audrey


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