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I'm phasing palm oil out of my soaps so that all bars made in 2015 will officially be palm-free.

I was comfortable with the use of palm oil in my products before, as I'd done everything reasonably possible to ensure that I was sourcing with a company that used ethical harvesting practices and was not obtaining their product from any region native to orangutan populations. They have been suffering, to put it very mildly.

Of course, I've always debated a bit with myself about whether that was enough. My company has Certified Cruelty Free status. Our genuine give-a-damn about animal and environmental welfare is literally stamped on every box that I so lovingly package.

And palm oil remains a problem. The devastation that some- not all, but many- palm oil producers are wreaking in the name of its production remains a problem.

As much as I love my supplier (and believe me, I'll still be using them every time I need to purchase mass amounts of organic, so lush you could dive into it, coconut oil) I have to admit that adding to the sales of palm oil- even from the "good guys"- is not going send the message that needs to be sent.

So it's gone.

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