New Addicitions and Old Flames

Behind the Scenes

It's that time of year again. Sentio is gearing up for 2015, and we are all kinds of ready to start making a ton of delicious soap for you. So, without further ado, I give you our list of upcoming New Addictions and returning Old Flames. Many were inspired by your requests! As always, each of these soaps will be and remain certified cruelty free, all natural, and made with 98% organic ingredients.

New Addictions

Scarlet Harlot
Kentucky Bourbon
Whiskey and Gunpowder
Cabaret Cabernet
Sriracha and Lime
Comic Book Hero
Red Tent
Fairy Cakes
Rosemary Peppercorn
Mexican Hot Cocoa

Old Flames (Returning Favorites)

Huckleberry Honey
Salty Siren
The Cat Lady
Earl Grey Tea
Stress Relief
Blood Orange Patchouli
Signature Sentio
Corn Husk Doll
Brazilian Purple Clay
Peppermint Lime
Lovely in Lace

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