Testing... The Grand Lush Lip Experiment

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Today I am conducting an experiment... on my face. With Halloween just around the corner and old monster movies on the mind, the implications of that sentence might sound mildly concerning, but rest assured, this one is much more "Audrey Hepburn" than "Frankenstein". 

Currently in development for our Pocket Pinups line of natural lip balms, is a rich natural lip primer. It's a colorless balm rich in moisturizing ingredients and vitamins to keep lips soft and well nourished under your favorite lipstick and potentially prolong wear. Not being one to make tall promises I can't keep, it's time to take this silky baby for a test drive and see how it performs.

Today is Day One, or, "The Control Day". I am wearing British Red lip color by L'Oreal Colour Riche without our primer or any other additional products like lip liner. After 8 hours of wear, I will photograph my makeup again, without reapplying at any point in the day. All photos are taken in natural light and unedited. 

 Control Lipstick at time of fresh application- no primer.

Want in on this?

Beneficial as testing on myself may be, I'd love to have your input! This is not a test for safety, allergies, irritation, or other unpleasantries, as all of that good stuff has already been established- we just need you to tell us how you like the quality and performance of the stuff. No Frankensteins, I promise. But I can't guarantee no superpowers. 

Here's what's involved... 

You can participate by e-mailing info@sentiosoaps.com to ask for a free tube of our primer and a test form. This is a two day experiment. On day one you will photograph your face in natural light wearing your favorite lipstick and no other lip products. You will need to take two photos (no editing whatsoever allowed): One fresh after application and one after eight hours of wear. On day two you will repeat the exact same routine, only with the addition of our lip primer underneath your lipstick. Your photos will not have to be shared with anyone but us unless you want them to. You will fill out a short one page questionnaire where we will ask you things like whether you ate/drank while testing, how the texture felt, and if you were happy with how it looked. Easy peasy! 

After enough time has passed for us to gather sufficient data from enough lip color lovers, I'll be returning here with full findings.

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  • Jennifer Snedden

    So very excited! I love wearing lipstick! The all day wear from the drug stores chew my lip soon off. The bright fun colors just don’t stay on more than an hour. Fingers crossed!

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