Free Shipping is Here to Stay!

Was that unlimited free shipping promotion over December awesome, or what? We really enjoyed being able to offer you that service, and more importantly, you've told us how much you enjoyed it, too. So by popular demand and without further ado, we announce that site wide free shipping is here to stay!

As of January 2, 2014, shipping and handling fees are a thing of the past. Shop to your heart's content knowing that no matter how much you buy and how many times you come back, your shipping total comes to $0.00. Oh, the liberating simplicity.

Think of all those Bars of Abundance! Each one a hearty 1/2 lb and still shipping for free.

I can tell you already: 2014 is going to be great. Happy New Year, everyone!

Applicable to the Continental United States and Canada. Shipping is available to other countries at the standard rate. 




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